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Book Bunk Trust is working to restore three public libraries in Nairobi. Purchase books below for donation to one or all three of the libraries or for distribution to children who live around these libraries More information:

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  1. Adventure in Mombasa
    Adventure in Mombasa
    by Juma Bustani
    KES 249
  2. Adventure in Nairobi
    Adventure in Nairobi
    by Juma Bustani
    KES 249
  3. Adventure in Nakuru
    Adventure in Nakuru
    by Juma Bustani
    KES 249
  4. Adventures of Pongo and Uncle Talema
    Adventures of Pongo and Uncle Talema
    by EAEP
    KES 249
  5. Anthills of the Savannah - EAEP
    Anthills of the Savannah - EAEP
    by Achebe
    KES 464
  6. Arrow of God (EAEP)
    Arrow of God (EAEP)
    by Chinua Achebe
    KES 690
  7. Beautiful Nyakio
    Beautiful Nyakio
    by Ndungu
    KES 142
  8. City of Saints & Thieves
    City of Saints & Thieves
    by Natalie C. Anderson
    KES 1,150
  9. Eyes of the Night
    Eyes of the Night
    by Mueni
    KES 167
  10. Far far Away
    Far far Away
    by Mpesha
    KES 167
    Out of stock
  11. Imani and the Missing Mace
    Imani and the Missing Mace
    by Kinyanjui Kombani
    KES 405
  12. Jumamosi ya Mkosi
    Jumamosi ya Mkosi
    by Matundura
    KES 290
  13. Kaburi Bila Msalaba
    Kaburi Bila Msalaba
    by Kareithi
    KES 277
  14. Kachuma na Binadamu Wanyama
    Kachuma na Binadamu Wanyama
    by Ngugi
    KES 360
  15. Kheri's Goal
    Kheri's Goal
    by Phoenix
    KES 185
  16. Kitu Changu
    Kitu Changu
    by Catherine N. M. Kisovi
    KES 167
  17. Lion, Dog and Cat
    Lion, Dog and Cat
    by Gathumbi
    KES 161
  18. Mama Hen's Cosy Wings
    Mama Hen's Cosy Wings
    by Theresa Majale
    KES 167
  19. Mfalme na Majitu
    Mfalme na Majitu
    by Omolo
    KES 167
    Out of stock
  20. Mfuko Wangu U Wapi ?
    Mfuko Wangu U Wapi ?
    by Manji
    KES 210
    Out of stock
  21. eBook (EPUB)
    No Longer at Ease
    No Longer at Ease
    by Achebe, Chinua
    KES 759
  22. Oma
    by Lily Mabura
    KES 191
  23. Operation Kamaliza
    Operation Kamaliza
    by Munro Katui
    KES 435
  24. eBook (EPUB)
    Out of Shadows
    Out of Shadows
    by Wallace, Jason
    KES 1,499
  25. Out of the box
    Out of the box
    by Ngure Matu Ndiritu
    KES 325
  26. Pamela The Probation Officer
    Pamela The Probation Officer
    KES 327
  27. Pepela na Mto
    Pepela na Mto
    by Ken Walibora
    KES 167
  28. Petals of Blood
    Petals of Blood
    KES 754
    Out of stock
  29. Pili Pilipili
    Pili Pilipili
    KES 174
  30. Precious Blood
    Precious Blood
    by David Maillu
    KES 258
  31. eBook (EPUB)
    by Brown, Ellen
    KES 3,572
  32. Siri ya Sala
    Siri ya Sala
    by Njiru Kimunyi
    KES 154
  33. The Adventures of Mekatilili
    The Adventures of Mekatilili
    by EAEP
    KES 400
  34. Girl who Couldn't Keep a Secret
    Girl who Couldn't Keep a Secret
    by Omanga
    KES 140
  35. St. Helena Conspiracy
    St. Helena Conspiracy
    by Kahiu Mbugua
    KES 447
  36. The Stepsisters
    The Stepsisters
    by Phoenix
    KES 185
  37. Things Fall Apart
    Things Fall Apart
    KES 493
    Out of stock
  38. Tina and Rina
    Tina and Rina
    by Gakunga
    KES 245
  39. Wamenisingizia
    by Ngugi
    KES 148
  40. Zawadi ya Rangi
    Zawadi ya Rangi
    by Ruth Wairimu karani
    KES 219