21 Leadership Issues in the Bible (Thomas Nelson)


If you're trying to influence even one person, you are a leader. And that means you're facing challenges. The more you lead, the greater the number of challenges you face. How do you solve them?
Dr. John C. Maxwell has been exploring these issues and helping leaders with them for decades. Where did the man recently named the #1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. magazine gain such insight into leadership? From the Bible! John asserts that the Bible is the greatest leadership book that has ever been written
In this study, John addresses twenty-one of the most common issues leaders face. Starting with internal issues such as identity, purpose, pride, and self-leadership, and moving on to others such as criticism, change, diversity, teamwork, and recruiting, John shows how leaders in the Bible addressed these issues with boldness and clarity, or conversely, how they failed to lead. Either way, the lessons are clear. You can improve your leadership for not only your own sake but also for that of your team and those you serve.
In this twenty-one lesson study, John guides you through Scriptures that reveal the challenges leaders face and the life-changing solutions available to them. Each lesson includes:
- THE ISSUE DEFINED: a brief description and introduction to the Issue 
- CASE STUDIES: THREE BIBLICAL STUDIES—including leaders such as Joseph, Moses, Ruth, David, Nehemiah, Peter, Titus, and Jesus-that reveal and illustrate the Issue 
- STUDY QUESTIONS: reflection and application questions to help you dig into the stories of the men and women in Scripture and learn from them 
- LEADERSHIP INSIGHT AND REFLECTION: questions to help you assess and improve your own leadership skills 
- TAKING ACTION: practical takeaways and direction to help you incorporate each lesson into your daily life 
- GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: questions to help you learn and process the Bible study material with other like-minded people who want to grow in leadership. 

Start with the issues where you most need help, complete the entire study as a course in problem-solving, or meet with your team, using it as their next training in leadership development. 21 Leadership Issues in the Bible can help you become a better leader in every area of your life as you seek to influence others for Christ.

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