A Detailed Guide to Blossoms of the Savannah

by Samson Muli, Paul Kariuki, Susan Munyi, Caroline Muriithi

  • ISBN: 2010102000474
  • SKU: 2010102000474

This guide provides 3 books under one cover: 

I. A Detailed analysis of Blossoms of the Savannah by H.R. Ole Kulet (Longhorn)

2. Sample K.C.S.E questions with answers 

3. A comprehensive K.C.S.E Exams tips booklet from an examiners point of view. 


The guidebooks covers in detail: 

Exams Tips Booklet for K.C.S.E English paper 

A Brief History of the Author 

The setting 

The relevance of the title. 

The Plot 

Chapter summaries and analysis 

Character and characterization 


Language and style 

Answered sample K.C.S.E Questions 

KES 450

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