by Phoenix

  • ISBN: 9789966478375
  • SKU: 2010141002565

"So, young man." he started. "How do you feel about joining Greenpines?" How did he feel? Actually, none of all the words Mollusk knew could describe what he felt! It was all so much better than the sweetest dreams he had ever had. 

"I feel great sir," he managed to say. "I am very grateful for your kindness. and I promise to do my very best..." "Your best!" Mr. Ganze exclaimed. "I guess that will be good enough for me! For us at Greenpines, that is all we require from our students. Their very best." Mollusk has landed a scholarship at a high-cost private school lust when he thinks everything has fallen into place and he could never be happier, a series of events occur once more that send his entire life into disarray... 

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