Animal Farm (EAEP)

by George Orwell

"It is the history of a revolution that went wrong - and of the excellent excuses that were forthcoming at every step for the pervasion of the original doctrine," wrote Orwell for the first edition of Animal Farm in 1945. His simple and tragic fable, telling of what happens when the animals drive out Mr. Jones and attempt to run their farm themselves, has since become a world-famous classic of English prose. allegory and a satire about the Russian revolution from its roots in the theories of Karl Marx to its actualisation by Leon Trotsky and Stalin... animal farm is relevant to happenings on the continent of Africa where all countries have had to pass through periods of liberation from colonial rule led by fellow compatriots to a post-independence era in which betrayal of the promises for independence and separation of haves and haves-not are clearly visible.

                                                                                                                -Prof. Dickson M. Mwansa

...Animal Farm is a satire. It is a story that makes one laugh, but at the same time, it conveys a deep message.

                                                                                                                -Prof. Taban Lo Liyong


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