Become a Better Student

How to Exploit your Full Potential The subject of success in academics and life, in general, has occupied the minds of great men and women of the past and present, resulting in a massive body of knowledge compiled in volumes of books. However, it 
remains one of the least understood and most elusive of all human endeavours.
In this book, Murori Kiunga demystifies success and instills a fresh hope to many students who have been inaccurately classified as below-average or failures altogether. Read and discover; 
-That to become a better student you do not need to be number one; 
-That you can perform well in school and still be a failure in life unless you form a winning character. 
-How to develop a winning mindset and rise above others in order to be a better student and a better person in life. 
-That regardless of your school, family background, external resources and I.Q, you can chart your destiny to success.
About the Author, Murori Kiunga is a trained teacher, motivational author and an entrepreneur based in Nairobi. His other 
bestselling books include The Winning character: 
Succeeding Where Others Fail, The Winning Habits. Succeeding Where Others Fail, 
The Seeds of Greatness: Become the Best you Can Be, Anyone can Win: Succeeding Where Others Fail and Resolution to Win: Succeeding Where Others Fail

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