Belonging in Africa

Belonging in Africa is an autobiographical novel - a fictionalized account based on the author's real life experiences. The year is 1978. Sara Janssen has just turned 18 and knows what she wants: independence from her overbearing father and the smothering attentions of her mother. She is fed up with a lifetime of starting over every time her father?s job transfers him to a new country ? she left her home in Holland when she was a toddler, and now feels like a stranger even there. Sara longs for a place to belong, and means to stay right where she is, in Kenya. Then Sara falls in love. She does not know much about Sam, only that he is Ugandan and lives in a motel in Kenya, far from his family, to pursue a quality education. Back in Uganda, dictator Idi Amin has inflicted eight years of terror on the country, leaving it in ruins.

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