Book of Humans: A brief history of culture

A thrilling new examination of what sets us apart in the animal kingdom by the popular science broadcaster and author of A BRIEF HISTORY OF EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED

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Author Rutherford
ISBN 9781780229089
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Publisher Orion Publishing Co

In this thrilling tour of the animal kingdom, Adam Rutherford tells the story of how we became the unique creatures we are today. Illuminated by the latest scientific discoveries, THE BOOK OF HUMANS is a dazzling compendium of what unequivocally fixes us as animals, and reveals how we are extraordinary among them.

‘This superbly accessible discussion about who we humans really are is important and necessary’


‘A beautiful compendium of sketches about the wonders of evolution, which also takes in genetics, the origins of language and much else’


‘Rutherford is a superb communicator, who eruditely explores the borderlands of history, archaeology, genetics and anthropology in this fascinating tour of our species’



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