Brief History of the Freemasons (B66K)

by Ridley

  • ISBN: 9781845296780
  • SKU: 2030301004765

An illuminating and unbiased history of this most enigmatic secret society

The history of the Freemasons has remained shrouded in mystery and suspicion. In this unbiased and classic account, the historian Jasper Ridley separates myth from truth and tells the real story of the society from its origins amongst the masons working upon the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages down to the modern-day.

Through the last three hundred years, Freemasons have exerted their influence at some of the most crucial turning points in history, including the French and American Revolutions. Among the members are many great names, including Frederick the Great, Mozart, George Washington, Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde, as well as high ranking members of the English royal family. Assiduously researched and brilliantly written, this is a lucid and - scholarly work that brings clarity to the masonic legend.

‘Although some of his revelations are surprising and perhaps controversial, his greatest service is in dispelling many of the myths and fears surrounding freemasonry. This work of popular history sheds light on a frequently obscure subject.’

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‘T heartily recommend this book to anyone with an open and enquiring mind.’

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