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James Patterson (73)
John Grisham (26)
Danielle Steel (25)
Paulo Coelho (16)
Rick Riordan (14)
Jeffrey Archer (12)
Cassandra Clare (10)
Ian Rankin (9)
Wilbur Smith (9)
Anthony Horowitz (8)
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    1. The Forever Court
      The Forever Court
      by Dave Rudden
      KES 750
    2. Two from the Heart
      Two from the Heart
      by James Patterson
      KES 850
    3. Fresh Start
      Fresh Start
      by Joel Osteen
      KES 1,990
    4. The Last Black Unicorn
      The Last Black Unicorn
      by Tiffany Haddish
      KES 3,490
    5. What Happened
      What Happened
      by Hillary Rodham Clinton
      KES 2,690
    6. Happiness in This Life
      Happiness in This Life
      by Pope Francis
      KES 1,690
    7. Falling;  A love story
      Falling; A love story
      by Jane Green
      KES 890
    8. The Sunshine Sisters
      The Sunshine Sisters
      by Jane Green
      KES 850
    9. The Tiger's Prey
      The Tiger's Prey
      by Wilbur Smith
      KES 890
    10. The Moon Also Sets
      The Moon Also Sets
      by Osi Ogbu
      KES 742
    11. Ready Player One
      Ready Player One
      by Ernest Cline
      KES 850
    12. The Fallen
      The Fallen
      by David Baldacci
      KES 1,490
    13. The Golden House
      The Golden House
      by Salman Rushdie
      KES 1,090