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    1. Expelled
      by James Patterson
      KES 750
    2. Thursday's Child (Nicci)
      Thursday's Child (Nicci)
      by Nicci French
      KES 350
    3. Store (Patterson)
      Store (Patterson)
      by James Patterson
      KES 350
    4. Girl who lived Twice
      Girl who lived Twice
      by David Lagercrantz
      KES 1,790
    5. Pandemic  (Pan)
      Pandemic (Pan)
      by Robin Cook
      KES 790
    6. Perfect crime
      Perfect crime
      by Helen Field
      KES 990
    7. Transcription (Small) Atkinson
      Transcription (Small) Atkinson
      by Atkinson
      KES 950
    8. Archenemies (Renegades)
      Archenemies (Renegades)
      by Marissa Meyer
      KES 990
    9. Magisterium: The Bronze Key
      Magisterium: The Bronze Key
      by Holly Black
      KES 750
    10. Typhoon fury
      Typhoon fury
      by Clive Cussler
      KES 890
    11. Bridge of Clay
      Bridge of Clay
      by Markus Zusak
      KES 1,050
    12. Panic room
      Panic room
      by Robert Goddard
      KES 890
    13. Snap
      by Belinda Bauer
      KES 890
    14. Shiang: Empire of Salt
      Shiang: Empire of Salt
      by C.F. Iggulden
      KES 890
    15. Darien: Empire of salt
      Darien: Empire of salt
      by C. F. Iggulden
      KES 850
    16. Inferno (Soft Back)
      Inferno (Soft Back)
      by Dan Brown
      KES 950
    17. Macbeth
      by Jo Nesbo
      KES 890