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    1. Hidden Figures
      Hidden Figures
      by Margot Lee Shetterly
      KES 1,190
    2. Lazarus Effect (Cassava)
      Lazarus Effect (Cassava)
      by Golakai
      KES 1,400
    3. Truth or Die
      Truth or Die
      by James Patterson
      KES 350
    4. This was a Man
      This was a Man
      by Jeffrey Archer
      KES 990
    5. Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
      Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
      by Mitch Albom
      KES 350
    6. The Curator
      The Curator
      by Jacques Strauss
      KES 1,090
    7. No Turning Back (Naidoo)
      No Turning Back (Naidoo)
      by Beverley Naidoo
      KES 900
    8. Rushing Waters (Steel)
      Rushing Waters (Steel)
      by Danielle Steel
      KES 790
    9. Operation thunderbolt
      Operation thunderbolt
      by Saul David
      KES 1,250
    10. Belonging in Africa
      Belonging in Africa
      KES 950
      Out of stock
    11. Wizard of the crow
      Wizard of the crow
      KES 2,436
    12. The Samaritan
      The Samaritan
      by Mason Cross
      KES 950
    13. Girl Online: On Tour (Hard Back)
      Girl Online: On Tour (Hard Back)
      by Zoe Sugg
      KES 1,450
    14. Half Bad
      Half Bad
      by Sally Green
      KES 900
      Out of stock
    15. Dark Places
      Dark Places
      by Gillian Flynn
      KES 1,150