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    1. Everything, Everything (Yoon)
      Everything, Everything (Yoon)
      by Nicola Yoon
      KES 990
    2. Dust (Yvonne) - TBS
      Dust (Yvonne) - TBS
      by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
      KES 1,290
    3. I Looked Away
      I Looked Away
      by Jane Corry
      KES 950
    4. Girl was Mine
      Girl was Mine
      by Karanja
      KES 615
    5. Old Drift
      Old Drift
      by Namwali Serpell
      KES 1,290
    6. 50 Great short stories (Random US)
      50 Great short stories (Random US)
      by Crane
      KES 850
    7. Girls who Rocked the World
      Girls who Rocked the World
      by McCann
      KES 890
    8. Simple Favour
      Simple Favour
      by Darcey Bell
      KES 790
    9. Year of Yes
      Year of Yes
      by Shonda Rhimes
      KES 1,190
    10. The Goldfinch
      The Goldfinch
      by Donna Tartt
      KES 1,250
    11. The Zahir
      The Zahir
      by Paulo Coelho
      KES 850
    12. Fire and Blood
      Fire and Blood
      by George R.R. Martin
      KES 3,190
    13. Aleph
      by Paulo Coelho
      KES 1,150
    14. Say you're one of them
      Say you're one of them
      by Uwem Akpan
      KES 1,190
    15. Stranger in the House
      Stranger in the House
      by Lapena
      KES 850
    16. Couple next door
      Couple next door
      by Lapena
      KES 850
    17. Under the Udala trees
      Under the Udala trees
      by Chinelo Okparanta
      KES 1,250
    18. New!
      Water Dancer
      Water Dancer
      by Coates
      KES 1,490
    19. Blackass
      by A. Igoni Barrett
      KES 1,250
    20. Ego is the enemy
      Ego is the enemy
      by Ryan Holiday
      KES 1,390