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    1. Blackass
      by A. Igoni Barrett
      KES 1,250
    2. Separation (Jefferies)
      Separation (Jefferies)
      by Dinah Jefferies
      KES 790
    3. Blind Side
      Blind Side
      by James Patterson
      KES 1,450
    4. The Goldfinch
      The Goldfinch
      by Donna Tartt
      KES 1,250
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    5. Hobbit (The)
      Hobbit (The)
      by J.R.R. Tolkien
      KES 890
    6. Veronika Decides to Die
      Veronika Decides to Die
      by Paulo Coelho
      KES 850
    7. Year of Yes
      Year of Yes
      by Shonda Rhimes
      KES 1,190
    8. Power and Empire
      Power and Empire
      by Marc Cameron
      KES 890
    9. Every Breath
      Every Breath
      by Nicholas Sparks
      KES 1,790
    10. What the Dog Saw (Penguin)
      What the Dog Saw (Penguin)
      by Malcom Gladwell
      KES 890
    11. The Alchemist
      The Alchemist
      by Paulo Coelho
      KES 900
    12. Color Purple
      Color Purple
      by Alice Walker
      KES 1,190
    13. Never fade (Hachette)
      Never fade (Hachette)
      by Alexandra Bracken
      KES 890
    14. Target
      by James Patterson
      KES 750
    15. Sun is also a Star (Yoon)
      Sun is also a Star (Yoon)
      by Nicola Yoon
      KES 1,090
    16. Leopard at the Door
      Leopard at the Door
      by Jennifer McVeigh
      KES 890
    17. Still me (Small)
      Still me (Small)
      by Jojo Moyes
      KES 950
    18. One plus One (Moyes)
      One plus One (Moyes)
      by Jojo Moyes
      KES 890
    19. Juror No.3
      Juror No.3
      by James Patterson
      KES 750