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    1. Hum if you don't Know the Words
      Hum if you don't Know the Words
      KES 1,290
    2. Me Before You
      Me Before You
      by Jojo Moyes
      KES 890
    3. The Memory of Love
      The Memory of Love
      by Aminatta Forna
      KES 1,290
    4. Now you see Her (Perks)
      Now you see Her (Perks)
      by Heidi Perks
      KES 890
    5. Fascinating Womanhood
      Fascinating Womanhood
      by Helen B. Andelin
      KES 890
    6. Bridge Terabithia
      Bridge Terabithia
      by Paterson
      KES 750
    7. Whole thing together
      Whole thing together
      by Brashers
      KES 850
    8. Beautiful Creatures
      Beautiful Creatures
      by Garcia,Stohl
      KES 850
    9. Summer I Turned Pretty
      Summer I Turned Pretty
      by Jenny Han
      KES 850
    10. Upside of UN requited
      Upside of UN requited
      by Becky Albertalli
      KES 850
    11. The Fault in our Stars
      The Fault in our Stars
      by John Green
      KES 950
    12. 13 Reasons Why
      13 Reasons Why
      by Jay Asher
      KES 1,090
    13. My Lovely Wife (Small)
      My Lovely Wife (Small)
      by Downing
      KES 850
    14. The hazel wood
      The hazel wood
      by ALBERT
      KES 950
    15. Late Fragments (Riverside)
      Late Fragments (Riverside)
      by Kate Gross
      KES 350