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    1. Sale!
      The Memory of Love
      The Memory of Love
      by Aminatta Forna

      KES 1,290

      KES 1,160
    2. Fascinating Womanhood
      Fascinating Womanhood
      by Helen B. Andelin
      KES 890
    3. 13 Reasons Why
      13 Reasons Why
      by Jay Asher
      KES 1,090
    4. Fairytale
      by Danielle Steel
      KES 750
    5. Nine Perfect Strangers
      Nine Perfect Strangers
      by Liane Moriarty
      KES 890
    6. My Lovely Wife
      My Lovely Wife
      by Downing
      KES 1,390
    7. Sami's Silver Lining
      Sami's Silver Lining
      by Cathy Cassidy
      KES 750
    8. Girl Who Came Out of the Woods
      Girl Who Came Out of the Woods
      by Emily Barr
      KES 850
    9. Last Voyage of Poe Blythe
      Last Voyage of Poe Blythe
      by Ally Condie
      KES 850
    10. Matched
      by Ally Condie
      KES 750
    11. Spark of Light
      Spark of Light
      by Jodi Picoult
      KES 850
    12. Now you see Her (Perks)
      Now you see Her (Perks)
      by Heidi Perks
      KES 890
    13. Storyteller's Secret
      Storyteller's Secret
      by Gallo
      KES 1,250
    14. Falling;  A love story
      Falling; A love story
      by Jane Green
      KES 890
    15. Love
      by Pacesetters
      KES 574
    16. Cherished Dreams
      Cherished Dreams
      by Pacesetters
      KES 574
    17. The Kingfisher Secret
      The Kingfisher Secret
      by Anonymous
      KES 1,490