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    1. L Plate Label(Learner Sticker)
      L Plate Label(Learner Sticker)
      KES 120
    2. KB World Globe
      KB World Globe
      KES 2,690
    3. Revised Standard Version Bible (RSV)
      Revised Standard Version Bible (RSV)
      KES 812
    4. Oxford Paperback Thesaurus
      Oxford Paperback Thesaurus
      KES 990
    5. Simplified Swahili
      Simplified Swahili
      by Wilson
      KES 1,090
    6. Oxford Essential French Dictionary
      Oxford Essential French Dictionary
      KES 1,276
    7. Nairobi then and now 50 years
      Nairobi then and now 50 years
      by Mills
      KES 2,190
    8. Little Oxford English Dictionary
      Little Oxford English Dictionary
      KES 990
    9. Kamusi bora ya Watoto
      Kamusi bora ya Watoto
      by Kobia
      KES 900
    10. What Happened When in the World: History as You've Never Seen it Before!
      What Happened When in the World: History as …
      KES 1,450
    11. Science: A Children's Encyclopedia
      Science: A Children's Encyclopedia
      by Woodford
      KES 2,190
    12. How Your Body Works
      How Your Body Works
      by King
      KES 850
    13. Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia
      Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia
      by Kramer
      KES 2,890
    14. Arabs: A History
      Arabs: A History
      by Eugene Rogan
      KES 1,450
    15. Collins English Thesaurus
      Collins English Thesaurus
      KES 950