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  1. Power of Babel
    Power of Babel
    KES 2,784
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  2. Beyond Capitalism vs Socialism
    Beyond Capitalism vs Socialism
    KES 1,067
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  3. Mau Mau Detainee JM Kariuki
    Mau Mau Detainee JM Kariuki
    KES 1,116
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  4. Corporate Governance W/CD
    Corporate Governance W/CD
    KES 5,661
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  5. Leading the Revolution
    Leading the Revolution
    KES 4,048
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  6. Leaders Resource Kit
    Leaders Resource Kit
    KES 1,150
  7. Principles of Political Science
    Principles of Political Science
    KES 1,990
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  8. Freedom and After
    Freedom and After
    KES 650
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  9. Democratic Theory and Practice
    Democratic Theory and Practice
    KES 1,021