Social Science

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  1. Introduction to Community Development (PSIC)
    Introduction to Community Development (PSIC)
    KES 1,392
  2. Foundations of African Traditional
    Foundations of African Traditional
    by Turaki
    KES 790
  3. Fundamentals of Sociology of E
    Fundamentals of Sociology of E
    by Kibera
    KES 870
  4. Best Foot Foward
    Best Foot Foward
    by Fred Geke
    KES 750
  5. Letting Go
    Letting Go
    by Khimji
    KES 960
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  6. Project Management Simplified
    Project Management Simplified
    KES 1,740
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  7. Research Methods Dictionary
    Research Methods Dictionary
    KES 1,740
  8. Professional Ethics
    Professional Ethics
    by Ojienda
    KES 1,276