CEOs Wife

by Ngurukie

  • ISBN: 9789966447401
  • SKU: 2010141001291

Ever thought of the surprises in life? Not when you are righteous, have a family that is God-fearing and thirty years of marriage to boot. Wanja’s life would be the envy of many in the society. She had a faithful and doting husband, children who are studying abroad, investments in real estate and at fifty, a busy church life. Her relationship, however, will be tested by a single phone call. Her CEO husband has been having ‘fun’ outside the marriage. He is already in the hands of a young, beautiful, and energetic Gachungwa! Is she ready to accept her as the co-wife? Would she rather divorce and restart her life at fifty?

The CEO’s wife captures the challenges of a modern, urban and Christian marriage. The story evokes anger, forgiveness and realism that the religious also stray. However, how one handles the situation is what makes all the difference.

KES 674

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