Cliptec Lambeos Illuminated Gaming Headset Bgh730

CLiPtec BGH730 LED Illuminated Gaming Headset - Lambeos is the perfect over-head gaming headset for the e-sports player or any gamer seeking a pro-audio gaming experience.

With full-sized 40mm premium, speakers bring out every detail in the game so you can react quickly, powerful bass for completely undivided in-game focus. Its reinforced structural housing provides the frameworks for a super comfortable build, with an ergonomic headband and ear cushions. Perfect for gaming, music playback and movie. In addition, glaring LED illuminated breathing light highlights the atmosphere of the game and reaches to an enjoyment climax.

Gaming Sound Experience

High precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver, bring you vivid sound field, sound clarity, sound shock feeling, capable of various games.

Built-in Microphone

Built-in microphone for exact positioning, and microphone with great sensitivity at picking up sounds and for a live in-game chat.

LED Illumination

Glaring illuminated LED with breathing style are designed on the ear cups, highlighting the atmosphere of the game.

Volume Controller

Adjust the volume in a second. Audio controls are located in the perfect position will always within reach.

LED Illumination

Glaring illuminated LED with breathing style are designed on the ear cups, highlighting the atmosphere of the game.

Durable Cable

2.0M strong performance wire, durable tensile effectively reduce the external resistance.

Comfortable Design

The Over-Ear ear muffs use PU leather and stuffed with a sponge inside, absolutely skin-friendly texture, is adjustable and soft on your head, very comfy and breathable for your ears.

Gold-Plated Audio and Microphone Jack

Two Gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug for the audio and microphone.

USB Powered

Standard USB plug is compatible with any output device with USB port such as Desktop, Notebook or even portable charger for the LED of the headset.



  Driver Diameter   40mm Active Bass 

  Impedance   32Ω

  Frequency Response   20Hz-20KHz

  Sensitivity (S.P.L.)   110dB ± 3dB

  Cord Length   ≈2.0 m

  LED Power Supply   USB

  Audio and Mic. Plug   Ø3.5 mm

  Net Weight   390 g


  Mic Dimensions   Ø6.0x4.0 mm

  Impedance   ≤2.2Ω

  Sensitivity (S.P.L.)   -54dB ± 3dB

KES 3,000

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