Confessions by President Kikumba

by Oxford

  • ISBN: 9780195744095
  • SKU: 2010141002712

President Kikule Kikumba, a president of an important African country, has written this book to confess all. He intends to set the record straight. He says being president in Africa is no holiday on an island. Dumping allies for wavering, cutting friends at the knees for dissenting, and mowing opponents down for standing in the way, are all in the day's work. Africa's presidents, he confides, are in office not to lead but to crush rivals and accumulate wealth. He wants to be different. Confessions by President Kikumba is a riveting tale of his attempt. It is rooted in the enduring human qualities of cruelty and compassion, greed and generosity, hate and love, offence and forgiveness. 

KES 464

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