Delicious Kenya Cookbook 3

by Phyllis Maleche

Healthy living is more than a fad. Our lives depend on it. What if we choose to eat determines our quality of life. This book attempts to guide the reader on three important factors. The food we buy, how we cook it and the amount we serve on our plates. These three simple things can help us change our health, weight and general well being. This is not a book for the health fanatics, but the regular family wishing to have exciting, but healthy meals. The book shows ways to reduce the fat content of meals, suggestions on healthy oils, how to maintain nutritive food properties during cooking and tips to control serving portions. These are practical tips that you can implement immediately. a very important aspect of this book is food biodiversity, in this context, preparing family meals from a wider variety of locally available produce. From more common foods like beef, chicken and fish there are also imaginative recipes for quail, rabbit, stinging nettle, plantain and much more. A healthy diet incorporates diversity because each food contains different nutrients both in quantity and quality, that are needed by our bodies to thrive physically and mentally. To truly enjoy God’s earth, we need to allow our taste buds room to explore new, and sometimes return to foods that we enjoyed a long time ago. So let's break out of our limited food choices and allow ourselves to explore more exciting and healthier food options that are so plentiful in Kenya and Africa, with recipes that make us love to be in the kitchen.

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