EAEP Fun with CRE Activities PP2 (Appr)

by Ngunjiri

  • ISBN: 9789966563859
  • SKU: 2010130000445

Fun with Christian Religious Activities Pre-Primary 2, Pupil’s Book, is a comprehensive course based on the new Competency-Based Curriculum, 2018 for Pre-Primary schools. The book has been presented in a simple way that is easy to understand. The book also presents concepts in a language that learners at this level will identify with. The teacher becomes a facilitator of learning and not simply a source of knowledge.

The authors of this book ensured that the curriculum design is fully covered as they simplified different concepts to suit the learner's level.

The features of this book include:

  •  Relevant, well drawn full-colour illustrations that are exciting to the children.
  •  A variety of competency-based indoor and outdoor learner-centred activities that help the learner to develop a wide range of skills.
  •  Suggestions for parents and guardians to be involved in the continuous learning process at home.
  •  Songs, poems, games and Bible verses that help the learners to understand the content within this book.
  •  A wide variety of activities to be done in pairs and in groups as the learners help each other to learn.

The book ensures that learners continue enjoying the learning experience as they interact with Christian Religious Education.

The book has an accompanying Teacher's Guide. The authors are teachers with vast experience.

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