Elephant Dance

by Ole Kulet

The Elephant Dance, set within the scenic savannah land with its rich flora and fauna, illuminates the crisis of endangered wildlife at the mercy of invasive and destructive human greed. Embedded in the narrative is a sub-stratum of the destruction of indigenous livelihood and natural habitats. 

The conflict in the novel pits greedy and corrupt poachers led by Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego against an indigenous minority community of hunters and gatherers led by the elderly Sulunye and Pesi and their sons Reson and Sena. Roped in are the gallant wildlife protection officers, Regina Naitore and Leah Naipande. The indigenous community's cultural attachment to wildlife and the threat to evict them from their ancestral land helps to arrest the runaway poaching menace that has become unmanageable. 

With the fate of wildlife and their natural habitats having become a major talking point in Kenya as well as in the entire Eastern and Central African region, this story offers insights on how we can save endangered animals, especially elephants and rhinos which have become main targets for poachers who are after their prized horns and tusks. The story also highlights the problem of land grabbing which displaces animals from their natural habitats.

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