Hills look on

by Daniel

  • ISBN: 9789966105301
  • SKU: 2010141002731

The butterfly went round a bush again, this time she saw her and went for her. She was very near now. She could even touch her, but the thing started flying in waves. Cherono did not want to hurt her, so she kept up her pace, waiting for her chance. It did not come fast. On and on they went; bush after bush they passed, through open fields until she realized they were heading for the river. She wondered how she would cross the river running at this Speed. She doubted it.

It meant she would lose this chance of holding her and telling her she was beautiful. She had never lost a race against a butterfly before. She decided to try and grab her while running.

...she prayed to the gods to preserve her beautiful thing's life. Slowly she rose onto her knees, hands still on the ground, slowly opened her hands waiting for the captive to attempt to flee. She hoped for it. Nothing. She looked more. Nothing. Or did I miss it? she wondered. She removed her hands completely. The beautiful thing was there, looking dead. Her left wing was broken, her antennae broken. Cherono began to cry. It is suitable for students in form 1 and 2.

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