Hodder Cambridge Science Learners' book stage 2

by Deborah Herridge

  • ISBN: 9781471883835
  • SKU: 2010123000785

Hodder Cambridge Primary Science is a complete course supporting the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework.

Each Learner’s Book includes a wide range of activities and investigations, followed by self and peer assessment to ensure that learners master the ideas and skills of the objectives.


  • simple explanations of the five areas of scientific enquiry in the science mastery approach.
  • step-by-step instructions to help learners plan their own investigations
  • key scientific words
  • activities designed to build on learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding
  • question prompts to encourage independent thinking about the concept
  • investigations to test ideas about the concept (learner-led and modelled)
  • Challenge activities to practise and extend
  • practice tests at the end of each chapter for summative assessment purposes
  • self-assessment activities at the end of each unit. 

KES 1,190

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