Hollow Bridges

by Corney Gichuki

  • ISBN: 9789966882981
  • SKU: 2010141001587

It all began with a shocking letter advising letter advising young Patrick to avoid the dangerous ways that his brother had taken. But once he opens up to his friend, Matthew, Patrick realizes that he is the only one in deep trouble. 

The duo embarks on a mission to solve the problem that threatens to tear their families apart. They immediately realize that the task is no child-play and that the consequences of rocking the drug trade chain can be fatal, until their friend, Thomas, joins the fray.

With the help of Thomas' Aunt, anti-narcotics chief, Jacinta Gatheru, they set out to dismantle the gristly chain and power behind a ruthless group of drug peddlers. The hunt carries the anti-narcotics chief deep into her own police force and towards a climax that leaves a chilling trail of destruction and death...

KES 313

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