Human Suffering and Existence

The famous philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein has challenged thinkers of our times with his poignant question: should the task of philosophy be restricted to some abstruse questions of logic and metaphysical abstractions, or should it help men and women to grapple with the important questions of everyday life? Today, we live amidst the ghastly realities of terrorism, insecurity, poverty, immorality, tribalism, political instability, corruption, and above all the menace of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 'Where is God in all this'?" we ask in bewilderment, does he really exist? If he does, is he really a loving God? If he really is a loving God, is he also all-powerful? And if an absolutely-loving and all-powerful God really exist, why then does he allow his own creation to suffer so much pain, at times seemingly without merit?

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