I can make you Happy

by Paul McKenna

  • ISBN: 9781402779091
  • SKU: 2030307000664

FEEL BETTER THAN YOU HAVE EVER FELT BEFORE!Whether you're sad, bored, depressed, or already content, Paul McKenna can help you become a lot happier right now! Scientific research reveals that our levels of happiness aren't fixed; we can change them through our thoughts and actions. Dr. McKenna has spent the last 25 years developing a system that will have an immediate, measurable impact on people's emotional well being. This book uses the latest, most powerful psychological techniques and a hypnosis CD to help the reader feel really good right now!Book and CD show readers how to:

  • Stop feeling depressed instantly
  • Take control of their emotions
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Feel the deepest sense of bliss and happiness

KES 850

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