I Love Ugali and Sukuma wiki

by Kwame Nyong'o

  • ISBN: 9781492743804
  • SKU: 2030303004134

A follow up to his well regarded ‘A Tasty Maandazi’ (2006) this latest children’s book by Kwame Nyong’o brings to life the world of the young African boy Akiki, and his love for his favorite food - ugali and sukuma wiki! www.kwamenyongo.com

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  1. I Love Ugali and Sukuma Wiki

    Excellent children's story based on a rich Kenyan Culture. I really like the way local cuisine is portrayed in a very positive light. Good job Kwame! Looking forward to the next one in the series....

    Reviewed by anonymous on 20 Nov 2018, 11:36 p.m.

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