Ian The Crime Buster

by Ngumi Kibera

  • ISBN: 9789966075499
  • SKU: 2010141002642

Ian and his mother live a colourless life in an abandoned village. An ordinary adventure on a rainy day leads him into the hands of a dangerous gang, and from that point on his and his mother's lives are never the same. Read to find out the heroic actions the young man takes in an effort to save his mother that finally earn him the title Ian the Crime Buster. 

Ngumi Kibera is a prolific writer who has published many titles for children and adults. His favourite audience is teenagers, for whom he weaves adventures that are as exciting as they are memorable. He is a past winner of the Jomo Kenyatta Award for Literature. Among his other titles is Worry Not Lisa! also published by Queenex Publishers. 

KES 290

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