Imani and the Missing Mace

by Kinyanjui Kombani

  • ISBN: 9789966478856
  • SKU: 2010141002627

Imani and her friends, Marcus, Marvin and Stacey, go to visit her father at his workplace in Parliament. An innocent visit turns into an investigation as the Speaker's mace goes missing and the main suspect is Imani's father. Determined to prove her father's innocence, Imani and her friends decide to find out who stole the mace. The teenagers soon find themselves in danger when they discover that not everyone wants the missing mace found... Kinyanjui Kombani, 'The banker who writes' is an award-winning creative writer, banker, learning facilitator and entrepreneur. His work includes the critically acclaimed novels The Last Villains of Mole, based on politically/ethnically instigated dashes in Mob, Kenya and Den of Inequities, which have been used as study texts in Kenyan universities and schools in Rwanda. He has also authored children's stories, among them Wavari Maathai: Mother of Trees, We Can Be Friends and Lost But Found as well as other collaborative work. 

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