Improve your Social Studies 6 (Longhorn)

by Malkiat Singh

  • ISBN: 9789966311061
  • SKU: 2010124000428

Improve your Social Studies Series has been prepared to teach Social Studies in an interesting and captivating way while maintaining strict adherence to the syllabus. The books in this series comprehensively cover the Social Studies syllabus with in-depth content for each class. 

Each book in this series is appropriate as it ensures:

  • Content is presented in a simple language for learners to understand better.
  • Sufficient illustrations are provided to make learning more interesting and captivating.
  • Revision exercises have been given to help the learners recall learnt information.
  • Class activities are also included to make learning interactive.
  • Strict adherence to the syllabus so all the necessary learning points are taken care of. 

The books are valuable for both learners and teachers who seek to understand the subject better.

KES 673


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