by David Mulwa

  • ISBN: 9789966498595
  • SKU: 2010102000470

Action starts at the pre-colonial Africa in the Kutula Colony. King Kotula XV is a benevolent traditional ruler who forsakes technological sophistication in favour of social cohesion and meaningful development for all his fellow citizens. However, the Queen's representatives - Thorne Macay and Bishop Henninger - do not like King Kutula's leadership style especially because the British empire does not stand to gain in this arrangement Soon they hatch plans for the murder of the king in the hands of the heartless and power-thirsty son. Lacuna Kasoo. Kotula Colony Is later transformed into a republic with the leader, Lakuna Kasoo, and his cronies salivating to enrich themselves at the expense of national development. They grab whatever comes their way: land, money, power and life. They kill at will and are seen as irreparable moral reprobates. Lakuna Kasoo gets more and more dictatorial and isolated and he is finally deposed in a bloodless civil revolution. There is change and hope as Princess Sangoi, the new popular leader, summarises the new spirit of rebirth: 

let it never be said that our new world was built on the madness of the old.' 

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