Just a book by Just a Band

This book has involved the constituting and sharing of an archive about just A Band. To attempt to offer a deconstruction means that one must look to what has come, and what has been Deconstructing would additionally mean that questioning the structure of what cultural production in Africa is conceived as, a challenging orthodox notion of what a band is and what a band does. At once, in understanding  evolution, we go beyond the present state of the band and to look to the future
As an exercise in mapping the terrain upon which Just A Band made their existence possible, the production of the band's identity is a means of producing telling their version of the past. As this book is a means of documenting the past. It also does so to offer a new way of seeing the world.
This book is therefore a product of an attempt to look to the past and to the future to escape the fear of the inevitability of the present. With just A Band we imagine alternate future.
As an art collective, the individual personalities of all the band members come together to create an unorthodox space. This space of experimentation as a site of cultural production invites us to occupy a state of alterity with just A Band
Undoubtedly, Just A Band is known for navigating the world, their world with a sense of ease, not to be mistaken for nonchalance. It is a belief in their social commentary or escape the banalities of the quotidian rhythms of life.
Speaking to multiple audiences negotiating and transcending locality, they are rooted in a fixed notion of "Kenyanness" with a sense of transcendence and an ability to speak on a universal, relatable level.

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