KCPE Mirror mathematics

KCPE Mirror Mathematics specifically covers the Mathematics syllabus contents for Classes 4-8. It is designed to thoroughly prepare candidates for their KCPE Mathematics examination. The numerous Revision Exercises and KCPE Model Test Papers give the learner enough practice to tackle any examination. The book is presented in a clear, concise, simple and precise language to the level of the learner. Mathematical and technical terms have been explained and illustrated appropriately. This is the most comprehensive Mathematics revision book for pupils preparing for KCPE. The book is structured as follows:

  • There are 9 units covering Classes 4-8 Mathematics syllabus topics in detail. 
  • Each unit has brief revision notes and well-researched examples logically and systematically presented in accordance to the Syllabus requirements.
  • Tips and Hints are provided at various instances to direct and guide learner in grasping concept presented and fostering ability to solve technical problems. 
  • Well-researched Revision Exercises are given at the end of array of subtopics, in some cases one Quick Check (Exercise) per subtopic is given, and a complete 50-question KCPE Paper like(Testing Exercise) specifically covering each Unit comprehensively test and offer challenge to pupils for further practice. 
  • 10 KCPE Model Test Papers have been set, at the end of the book, based on the current KCPE Mathematics format. 
  • Answers to all Quick Checks, Revision Exercises,Testing Exercises and KCPE Model Test Papers are provided at the back pages of the book.
  • Summary of useful mathematical formulae are provided at the end of the book.
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