KCSE Made Familiar: A Biology Workbook 1995-2019

by Lydiah Mirie

  • ISBN: 9789966171825
  • SKU: 2010105000285

K.C.S.E Wade Familiar workbooks are a series of revision books meant to make K.C.S.E. familiar to learners.

The benefits of these workbooks to learners are immense always result in improved grades. Some of the benefits include :- provision of past K.C.S.E. questions in their original form, arranged in topics, and in the respective forms in which the topics are taught. 

provision of answers, which help learners to work independently.

exposure of learners to exam-type questions in various topics, thus helping learners to:

internalize concepts by practising questions from topics already taught in class.

relate what they are taught in class with K.C.S.E. thereby making questions familiar. 

identify their weak areas and aim to continually improve in these areas.

build confidence through answering/working out questions on any given topic. 

helping teachers make revision easy and interesting to learners. 

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  1. Excellent

    Very good book which assists a learner to get guided through each and every questions brought in K.C.S.E.. The learner is able to identify their weak areas and correct them by just a little bit of practicing.

    Reviewed by Salat Abdi Ali on 10 Aug 2019, 3:23 p.m.

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