KCSE Made Familiar: A Physics Workbook 1995-2019 (New)

Past K.C.S.E questions arranged form-wise and in topics Forms 1-4

Papers 1& 2 with answers.

This workbook has been specially organized to help students at all levels in high school revise and internalise a topic taught in class by solving the problems in this book from that topic. This will help the student identify what they are taught hi class with K.C.S.E.The workbook is also very useful for teacher, who wish to expose their students, to exam type kind of questions in the various topics.The workbook contains questions in topics taught in Form 1, 2, 3 and 4. questions that combine topics taught at different levels have been placed in the higher level in which the  topics are taught Mixed concepts comprise topics that have concepts  done in different forms.The answers at the back propel the student to achievement hy helping the student become his/ her own teacher.



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