KCSE Masterpiece Revision Biology Photography Manual with answers

by obuong'S.I.O

The examination format for KCSE Biology made a significance shift in 2006, with the introduction of photographic interpretation component in the Practical paper. This came with its challenges-what with hardly any text having any valuable information in photography.

To date there have been several attempts to grapple with photography. We also joined the fray but it has taken us this long to roll out our photography manual. We wanted to be sure you'll get the real deal, so we took our time-and we hope you love and enjoy the brew that is this book.

This excellent book is a must for at! Biology departments...take you through all you ever wanted to know about photographic Biology techniques but didn't like to ask or didn't know where to ask. There is something here for everyone, including advanced level students and teachers.

Photography manual is an indispensable book for High School Biology students. The book provides useful support at all stages of the KCSE Biology Curriculum and underpins any practical work in biology. It is also a valuable resource for teachers of biology in colleges and secondary schools.

Laboratory and field studies are essential components of High School and undergraduate training in biology. Practical work must be fully understood and effectively presented, but many students under-perform because they lack basic laboratory skills.

This book, just in its first edition, aims to provide students with easy-to-use guidance for photo­graphic Biology studies, but in addition it actually covers broader transferable skills. As a result this edition provides guidance and support over the entire range of a typical High School Photographic course in biology.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive questions to the photographs;
  • Photographs organized topically and in form of plates;
  • Suggested answers and solutions to the photographs-well researched and coordinated.
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