KCSE Mirror Chemistry Practical

by Raphael Baraza

KCSE Mirror Chemistry Practical has been specially designed to assist Chemistry students in Kenyan Secondary Schools to easily learn Chemistry Practical content. It is particularly designed to help candidates preparing for KCSE Chemistry Paper 233/3 to quickly revise examinable Chemistry Practical concepts from Form 1 to Form 4. The book is also essential for teachers in their preparation of Practical evaluation materials like topical experiments, End-of-Term and End-of-Year practical examinations.

Key features of this book:

* The book is divided into 4 major parts.

* Part 1 covers all the major topics that are relevant to the development of vital Chemistry practical skills from Form 1 to Form 4.

* Part 2 covers the main practical areas that are tested in KCSE Chemistry Paper 233/3. Many worked examples are provided to facilitate quick revision and mastery of practical concepts.

* Part 3 has Ten (10) KCSE Sample Test Papers (Chemistry Paper 233/3). The questions in this section are set in accordance with the KCSE examination format.

* Part 4 provides Solved Answers to all KCSE Sample Test Papers.

* Relevant procedures, graphs and full-colour illustrations have been included for thorough fun-filled revision.

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