KLB Skillgrow IRE Activities Pre-Primary 2 Learner's Workbook

by Idris M. Makokha, Farida Imbuila Ibrahim, Amina Atilala Suleiman

  • ISBN: 9789966652102
  • SKU: 2010122000477

Islamic Religious Activities is a learning area aimed of equipping the learner with knowledge, skills, competencies and desired attitudes that enhance morals, values and spiritual development This will enable the learner live a morally upright life acceptable in the society Skillgrow Islamic Religious Activities Pre-Primary 2 Learner's Workbook has been developed in line with the requirements of the new Competency-Based Curriculum Design The experiences have been aligned with the thematic integrated approach that is recommended for learners at this level. This Workbook is also majorly illustrated to enliven the content with the text following the design closely Skillgrow Islamic Religious Activities Pre-Primary 2 Learner's Workbook has employed a learner-centered approach where all experiences are centred on the child's interests, knowledge and application to real life situations in line with the Life Approach Method of teaching Islamic Religious Activities Learners encounter different situations and gain experience from what happens around them Therefore, every lesson has something to draw from learner's day-to-day activities 


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