KLB Skillgrow Mathematical Activities Pre-Primary Learner's Workbook 2

by KLB

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KLB Skiligrow Mathematical Activities for Pre-Primary 2 is a learning area aimed at developing knowledge, skills and attitudes in numeracy at the learners level. The title employs a hands-on learner-centered approach, which enables learners to develop the required skills and competencies through self-discovery. Resources used in presenting concepts are derived from the learner's immediate environment. This is to help the learner to relate the learning points to real life situations. The title has a variety of illustrations made in full colour. Severciactivities ore also included making the learner fully involved in the learning process. The text and instructions to the learner are presented in a simple language appropriate to the level of the learner. 

The Kenya Institute of Curriculumn Development (KICD) has approved ttlis Leaner's Workbook and the accompanying Teacher's Guides for use in early years education in schools. 

KES 203

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