Lets Learn English Std 4

by KLB

  • ISBN: 9789966445971
  • SKU: 2010101000478

Let's Learn English is an English course that is designed to meet the learning needs of pupils in primary school. The course adopts the thematic approach to the learning and teaching of English outlined by the new English primary syllabus. The language is taught in contexts that are familiar to the pupils. In lower primary, the course introduces the learners to the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The series is lavishly illustrated and contains exciting, and pupil-friendly activities and exercises which make the learning of English enjoyable.

In upper primary, the skills learned in lower primary are intensified through more complex sentence structures, vocabulary in well-selected passages and poems, and involving exercises.

Pupils' Book 4 is the fourth text in the revised series. The book has been made in consonance with the requirements of the new English syllabus for Standard Four. It contains full-colour illustrations meant to attract and hold the attention of the pupils. In each unit, the four language skills are set out in a logical progression. The book is learner-centred and is designed to enable pupils to actively participate in their own learning. Opportunities are thus provided for controlled classroom talk. The text also contains numerous exercises and activities meant to test and further strengthen what has been learned. *Some Revision Test Papers are provided to assess how well the pupils have grasped the content. The book guarantees enjoyment in the learning of English, and it is hoped that pupils and teachers will find it very useful indeed.

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