Life and Time of a Bank Robber

by Kimani

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On 9 February 1970 two things happened in Nakuru town: Josef Broz Tito, the President of Yugoslavia, was touring lake Nakuru, having arrived in Kenya as President Jomo Kenyatta’s illustrious state guest; and at midday on the same day, gun and simi-toting gangsters swooped on Barclays Bank, Nakuru, and made away with the staggering sum of three hundred thousand shillings in the daring daylight hold-up.

This was but one of the many dare-devil acts carried out by the notorious armed robbers of the 1960s and 1970s in Kenya—people who in their greed would not have thought twice about embarrassing an important state guest.

Who were the actors in this drama of naked acquisitiveness? How had they been brought up, which social forces shaped them, how did they view themselves and the world? 

LIFE AND TIMES OF A BANK ROBBER tells it all. John Kiggia Kimani participated in this historic robbery. Here he tells his own story: how he grew up, what attracted him to the world of crime, which other robberies he was involved in.

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