Life's little magical formulas

Life's Little Magical Formulas is a collection of five wonderful short stories for children on gratitude, perseverance, generosity, respect and honesty. This collection of wonderful short stories is written so as to inspire children to create and have a magical life by following the values each character shows in the book. 

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Omeno Michelle reviewed on 25 Jan 2021

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What if there are magical formulas to the life of your child's dreams? What if it's been staring at us all along and we have been only oblivious to the big things? What are these life's little magical formulas? What differences can they make in your child's life or even yours?     'Life's Little Magical Formulas' is a collection of five wonderful short stories told from the point of view of 'The Big Five'; the elephant, the lion, the buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros all living and thriving in the Masai Mara.     Each story is meant to impart words of wisdom to your child with demonstrations on how to apply the value in our everyday life thus having them create a magical life. I feel the perfect time to make a big impact on a child's life is during their early formative years when they sip information so easily and effortlessly and when they've not encountered challenges that'll make them doubt the wisdom shared here. This is such a book, that'll grow them and act as a breastplate during those life defining challenges.     I fell in love with Eshe, the giraffe, the first moment I saw her 🤭Maybe it's because she reminds me of me all tall and talkative. Or it's because of her drawn beauty? The illustrations are amazing and Zoya's writing style will leave wonderful imprints of this world. The story is delivered effortlessly and straight to the point. But the icing on the cake is that your child would not only get to learn about a certain value but also about these animals and their habitat. Win-win huh!     I wish I'd have been told ceaselessly to say 'thank you' no matter the situation, to believe in myself implicitly, to be kind and generous to others, to always be truthful no matter what and to respect everyone I meet no matter our differences. I feel life would be a lot smoother. But it's never to late, I'm reminded. We are here to learn, unlearn and relearn what serves us best.     Two words, thank you for this awesome wholesome book and for its awesome quality. It'll definitely worth your time and money.

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