Longhorn KCSE Encyclopaedia F3 Vol 2 Maths & Sciences

LONGHORN Form 3 KCSE Encyclopaedia Volume 2 is a new, concise and comprehensive book that has been written for Form 3 Students. The book comprises of Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects. It has been developed in line with the Kenyan Secondary Curriculum. It is aimed at meeting the needs of secondary school students preparing for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination. Mathematics and Sciences have been put in one volume to make it easy for the student to enjoy their revision of the four subjects, in readiness for the KCSE examination. The book covers all the topics taught at this level.

This encyclopaedia has the following key features:

* Beautiful design that is appealing and eye-friendly for ease of reading.

* Summary notes, Sample KCSE Questions, KCSE Predictor Questions and Model Test Papers.

* Answers to all questions and sample papers for ease of self-assessment and evaluation.

* Uniquely selected questions to challenge student’s thinking, recall and application of acquired knowledge and skills.

* Illustrations to ease the understanding of concepts.

* Presentation of content using the Bloom’s taxonomy with the following skills being tested; Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.

This book is written by highly knowledgeable and seasoned authors comprising of teachers, examiners and subject specialists across board.









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