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Love in Colour: Mythical tales from around the world retold (Small)

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linza oluoch reviewed on 14 Jul 2021

Love in Colour

Love in Colour makes one rethink the meaning of love and their belief in it. This is a book about finding happiness and fulfillment in love, feeling comfortable in your skin, and choosing what is best for you even if it means letting your partner go. Babalola's depiction of women as strong flawed characters (and not damsels in distress) also significantly contributes to the book's allure. After all, who are we if not the sum of our flaws and decisions? This is what makes Love in Colour relatable: the nonperfection and constant rediscovery of the characters as they learn the meaning of love. From a feminist point of view, Babalola depicts female characters whose strength comes not from rejecting their femininity but refusing to be defined by patriarchic societal expectations. These women are the masters of their own destiny. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Love in Colour to a friend. Neither do I regret getting a copy. This book is worth both your money and time!