Magnolia Flower When Beauty Casts a Long Shadow by Jacob Aliet


Akinyi is a young banker with huge ambitions. Her supervisor develops romantic interest in her and she spurns him after which he engineers her dismissal from the bank. Without a safety net, she ends up in Kayole slum and has to claw her way back through doing odd jobs and hustling until she ends up as an owner of a saloon and spa in upmarket Nairobi. She supplements her income by running a call girl service and one of her clients is an obsessed aging tycoon fighting demons. It is years after losing her bank job when she stumbles upon a link to her former supervisor. The vengeance locked in her is awakened. Her quest for revenge draws her into a whirlpool of dramatic events as she pushes back against the forces that try to get the best of her. She skillfully deploys her wit and dazzling beauty as the men around her struggle to survive - unaware of the scent that draws them to a deadly collision course. What she is carrying changes everything.

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