Marina's Voice

by Wamitila

  • ISBN: 9789966500595
  • SKU: 2030301006427

Marina, a young university graduate, is urged on by an irresistible force to go back to her native village. 
This is a village riddled with all sorts of prejudices. With the help of a few pragmatic individuals, she interacts with, she initiates projects that pull people together, 
including some that had been regarded as partials and ostracised. In the process, 
the village finds its voice. This is not just a story about Marina's voice but 
many more voices that deserve to be listened to
Kyallo Wadi Wamitila is the author of Uncle's Joke and The Roses of Sir Kenyapesacus (Plays). 
Marina's Voice is his first novel in English. He has written extensively in Kiswahili. 
His collection of short stories will be published soon.

KES 400

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