Mentor Environmental Act Learner's PP2 Trs (Appr)

by Gathogo

  • ISBN: 9789966059611
  • SKU: 2010123000838

About this Teacher's Guide This Teacher's Guide has been developed to facilitate the teacher while implementing the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).The Teacher's Guide will assist the teacher to come up with interesting and appropriate activities to achieve the specific learning outcomes, develop core competencies, integrate key inquiry questions and nurture desirable values.The teacher is also guided on how the activities will empower learners to effectively address issues and challenges in their day to day life. In addition, the guide also makes cross reference to the learners' workbook that accompanies the Teacher's Guide.The guide aims at providing guidance to the teacher in developing activities for learners and stimulating discussions among the learners. It is always advisable that the teacher prepares adequately for the learning experiences well in advance.A number of learning experiences that the learners could engage in have been suggested.The teacher is not limited to the activities and pictures in the Teacher's Guide and learner's workbook but can generate more activities and pictures from examples given. 

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